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Seoul is usually not the first city to come to mind when you plan your travel around Asia. However, in the last two decades, Seoul became this beautiful, modern city with its incredible variety of street food, vibrant student areas, friendly people and great history dating back to the 14th century. There is a lot to do, see and eat in Seoul which makes it a perfect destination for every city traveler.

Best time to go

March - May September - October

Seoul has a sweltering summer and a freezing winter. The perfect time to experience comfortably warm weather without high humidity and rains is in the middle of the spring or beginning of autumn.

Time to go tips:

March to May is the Cherry Blossom season. In May you can experience the Lotus Lantern Festival.

End of September is usually the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) and traveling to Seoul at this time could be interesting but more expensive.

How big is Seoul?

Seoul is huge. With 11.8 million citizens and over 25 million people living in the wider metropolitan area, it is the second largest urban agglomeration in the world, after Tokyo. Despite its size, Seoul is very well connected with the modern subway system and more than 70000 taxis, operating in the city. Although, as a tourist, you will probably spend most of the time in the Central Seoul, north of the river.

Most of the exciting areas and sightseeings are within walkable distance from each other. Anytime you feel tired there is a Subway station close by and using Seoul Subway is very cheap compared to other big cities around the world.

How many days should you spend in Seoul?

It really depends on how passionate traveler you are. To get the proper, unforgettable experience I would recommend to stop at least for five days. However, you will still be leaving Seoul with the feeling that you haven’t seen, eaten and experienced enough.

Will locals understand you?

Young koreans speak English very good. Older koreans mostly don't.

Signs and announcements are almost always in English. Menus in local restaurants and markets are usually only in Hangul (Korean alphabet) so you may occasionally struggle when choosing what to eat.




Won (₩)

Local time



Average £39

220V 60Hz
Free Wifi in the city


Public Toilets




Friendly to Foreigners



Mostly Visa-Free

Visas tips:

Australian, UK, US and most Western European citizens receive a 90-day entry permit on arrival.

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There is no Uber in Seoul.

Local app Kakao Taxi can hail a real taxi.