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Maitre Choux is a well know brand in London for some time now. It is a French patisserie and arguably one of the best patisseries in London as its chef, Joakim Prat, is the only three Michelin stars chef making choux pastry in London.

I visited their Kensington branch in the past but because it is a little bit outside of my usual areas of interest around the London, it wasn't as often as I would like to. Although, it was probably for better because I would have to go to gym much more often.

They've opened a new shop in Soho recently which is very approachable and gave me a good excuse to go and have some choux pastry again.

Watch the video first if you want and get some more information below later.

What to try at Maitre Choux?

Everything. All the desserts in Maitre Choux are excellent, made from the high quality ingredients with nicely balanced flavors.

There are many flavors of Eclairs and Choux you can try. I have to admit that it is challenging to choose from because each one of them comes with different design and distinctive taste.

I usually ask for the signature dessert of the place or the most popular one and the staff recommended the Paris-Brest and Red Love Eclairs.

Paris-Brest eclair (£5.8, €6.6, $8.3, KRW 8800) - It is the Maitre Choux's version of the traditional Paris-Brest dessert with crunchy nougatine filling, unsweetened whipped cream, and hazelnut praline cream. It is a little bit sweet with a strong hazelnut taste.

Red Love eclair (£5.8, €6.6, $8.3, KRW 8800) - For someone who likes more fruity taste, this is it! The filling is a combination of Tahitian vanilla cream and a refreshing raspberry puree. Love definitely goes through the stomach in this case.

After these delightful eclairs and went for Pistachio and Strawberry Puree Choux (£3.2, €3.65, $4.6, KRW 4800). It has a strong pistachio taste with natural sweetness and lots of Mousseline-like cream. I wish they sell the cream in a jar.

You can’t eat choux pastry without a good cup of coffee. Maitre Choux uses coffee beans from the Monmouth Coffee, so the best quality is guaranteed. They also gave us two Chouquettes with it, and unfortunately it ruined my life as I am not sure if I can ever enjoy my coffee without chouquettes anymore. Chouquettes are choux pastry casings topped with pearl sugar served fresh from the oven. Very simple but insanely delicious. They came ‘free' with coffee but you can buy a box of 10 for £3.5 (€4, $5, KRW 5350).

You can also get the hot chocolate in Maitre Choux. During my visit I met the owner and he kindly offer me a little bit of hot chocolate to taste. They are making it from the Valrhona chocolate which is one of the top chocolate brands in the world. It is the sign that they only use the top quality ingredients. Although, I personally prefer my hot chocolate with a stronger cocoa taste, you can’t go wrong ordering hot chocolate in Maitre Choux. I would definitely recommend the hot chocolate there. However, it wouldn’t be the main reason why I’d visit.


As I mentioned before, there is a small shop in Kensignton, close to the Natural History Museum or Victoria and Albert Museum, so I recommend to include visiting this branch of Maitre Choux when you are visiting museums.

The shop is very small with only two tables, so don’t plan to get much rest there, especially if you are larger group. People mostly buy eclairs for take-away here.

The second shop is in Soho. This branch is bigger with more seating and you can plan to stop by when visiting Chinatown, Covent Garden or Regent Street.

Total price

I spent £21.70 ($31, €25, KRW 33000). I have to say that it is not the cheapest dessert you can get in London. Be ready to spend at least £15-20 if you want to try a few different flavors. However, you will most definitely get the experience worth the price. The ingredients are of high quality, so the desserts don’t need to hide the lack of flavor behind too much sugar.


Not only are the desserts top quality, but the service is excellent, and the whole environment is tastefully designed to the smallest details. Maitre Choux is definitely in my list of top places to stop by for choux pastry in London and desserts in general.


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