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Best Beaches in Tenerife

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I know that Tenerife spent a lot of money to make their beaches appealing to the many tourists who come there every year.

Let's get something straight. People don't travel to Tenerife to stay on the best beaches in Europe. There is no white sand with an azure blue ocean. Most beaches in Tenerife are volcanic which means that they are rough, rocky or with fairly dark sand. It doesn’t mean that they are not great. Just your Instagram won’t be on fire.

During my few visits to Tenerife, I traveled all around the island and visited most of the recommended beaches. In this article, I will share my personal opinion about these beaches based on my experience.

Playa del Duque in Costa Adeje

In my opinion, Playa del Duque is one of the best beaches in Tenerife. The beach is not too big and has a well-maintained infrastructure (toilets, showers, sun shades, etc).

It's quiet, clean and very family friendly with the lifeguard. It has a beautiful promenade and fantastic craft market close by, opened twice a month on Saturdays.

The beach is surrounded with 5* hotels, and that definitely plays a significant role to why this beach has such a relaxing atmosphere.

Playa de Las Vistas, Playa de Troya, and Playa De Fañabé

These are the beaches around the most touristic places in the South of Tenerife, Los Cristianos, Playa de las Américas and Costa Adeje.

It gets quite busy but has everything you need from a good beach. Beach showers, promenade with restaurants and sun shades. And is probably only a walking distance from the reasonably priced accommodation.

I tried all of them, and all these beaches are generally well maintained and clean, with a lot of water sports possibilities. But don't expect anything special and instagramable. The usual busy beach in the most touristic part of the island.

One of my favourite beaches is Playa de las Vistas 🏖😍

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Playa de las Teresitas

Playa de las Teresitas is often listed amongst the best beaches in Europe. It's the only beach in Tenerife with golden sand which was brought from the Sahara.

The beach is very nice and big. Although, it is quite far from everywhere, and you need to come by bus or car.

Heaven view #tenerife #playadelasteresitas

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I am probably the only person on the internet, but I wasn't that impressed with Playa de las Teresitas. It looks better on photos than it actually is.

Also, it can be quite windy, and you can see big tanker ships and oil rigs moored not that far from the beach which is not the most beautiful view.

But, it is the only beach in the North of Tenerife which offers everything you would need for a lovely beach holiday.

And there is Gelateria Fragola close to the beach which gives it an additional point

Playa de Montaña Roja and La Tejita

Playa de Montaña Roja is the hub for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Tenerife. I am not practicing these sports, so I can't give any recommendation for that. However, the people on the beach seemed to enjoy themselves.

Between Playa de Montaña Roja and La Tejita is the Montaña Roja (Red Mountain) which is a popular hiking spot.

La Tejita is a natural beach. Literally. As it is also a nude beach. The fact that there are some excellent seafood restaurants in the nearby Los Abrigos town and the beach has some good review on the internet, made us visit it one day.

It's a huge and quite lovely beach. Because it is so long, people are spread, and you have a sense of privacy. However, it lacks essential amenities, and it was extremely windy! The wind factor was the reason we turned around at the end.

Playa de Benijo

Playa de Benijo is one of my favorite beaches in the North. It's magnificent, isolated and very rough natural beach with black volcanic sand.

The ocean there is not the best for swimming because of the big waves. But if you let your inner child out, you can spend a few hours throwing yourself into the waves. Which I did, and I had one of the best days on the beach during my holidays in Tenerife.

Natural swimming pools at Garacicho, Los Gigantes, and Puerto de la Cruz

There are quite a few natural swimming pools around the Tenerife. They look interesting, rough, mostly not very family friendly and without amenities. But a lot of fun.

In Tenerife, as in any other island, you should always have your swimsuit ready.

Playa de La Arena

I loved this beach when I was younger because of the enormous waves. It is a very small beach with black sand. Because of the waves, it is not ideal for families with small children. However, a little bit older kids will have a lot of fun there.


Tenerife, because of its volcanic nature, offers a great variety of different environments. That's what makes this island special. The beaches won’t give you many likes on Instagram, but I love them. You can find calm and relaxing beaches, but also some with a lot of waves and have great fun.

I will definitely go back to the Playa de Benijo in the future. I had great fun at the beach fighting the waves and the seafood restaurants in the area are amazing. I ate in the El Mirador but I have at least two more in my list to try there. Also, the drive from La Laguna through the Anaga Forrest was an unforgettable experience.

For the beach holiday or for the stay with family I will choose Playa del Duque without any doubt.

The best thing you can do in Tenerife is to rent a car and visit different beaches around the island to get the most out of this unique island.

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